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That step alone will lighten the emotional load significantly. She is a phenomenal talent and voice in the recovery world. So many people have attributed their sobriety to her work after failing to succeed with more traditional approaches. That’s why having support systems in place is so critical to your success. You can’t grit your teeth and bear this sort of thing.

It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re running on a treadmill, getting nowhere, but feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. Prove to yourself that you can finish what you start and be reliable. Push through and show up, even on days you don’t want to. One minute you’re cooking dinner and the next, you’ve lost five minutes to daydreaming about that one time you threw up on your mother-in-law’s new rug. Give AA or other recovery programs a chance. If there is an alternative program to those that interests you, go for it.


On the night of May 10, 2007, three boys entered a cave in Mantawauk County, Tennessee. The other two were found ten days later. They had been attacked by someone – or something. The investigation that followed revealed town secrets as old as the caves themselves and put a third teenage boy, James Fincher, on death row.

Life is excellent and can have its challenges. The truth is, you can have a great life and understand how you react to situations while using healthy coping skills. On the other hand, thinking everything is acceptable when you complete treatment is unrealistic and can set you up for disappointment. Come to terms with your version of recovery.

When Does Sobriety Get Better? It Depends.

You may not excel at first, or you may find you don’t like it. Keep practicing or try something else. Any investment made takes time; explore the possibilities. Nothing can change if you don’t change. Minor adjustments like eating a healthy breakfast, going for a walk, or being creative make a difference.

Even if things feel like they are beyond your control , you always have the option to take the first step toward improving the situation. Perhaps not remembering what you did, waking up in jail or another strange place, or finding your well-being compromised. Alcohol or drugs numbed your thoughts and emotions. Substances gave you numbness, an illusion of freedom, or false self-confidence. You could do things without worrying about the consequences; often, you did. Then you woke up the next day, and the memories came flooding back.

responses to “Long Term Sobriety Sucks”

But you have to create that for yourself and trust that if you REALLY commit to it, that you’ll get there eventually. The point is to find activities to fill the time and help you become a better person. You’ll start to transform sobriety sucks your identity into someone who shows up, does the hard work, and looks smoking hot in a swimsuit. Sobriety will get better when you are actually open to LEARNING from other people how to be a happy, stable individual.

Probably a bit of everything there all cranked up to 11. It’s hard not to worry about it all. I’ve let the clock tick way too much the past few years. I lie in bed and whip myself like some cruel slave driver. Remember what I was saying about progress?

I suppose this is what you get for trying to fix your problems. Sobriety means awareness of the problems but that awareness sucks. But how are you supposed to fix anything if you’re so drunk you’re only vaguely aware of what problems you do have? Courage is also something that doesn’t come automatically; you have to work at being brave just like anything else. Awareness doesn’t solve anything on its own, and it’s a bitch that hits pretty hard when it’s all new.

sobriety sucks

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